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An idea of the types of agencies I’ve worked for, the types of accounts I have experience with, and all that stuff.


This ad introduces a longer-acting form of Provigil, a drug for people with excessive sleepiness. I thought this was a very simple, elegant way to say “awake.”

The lungs of premature babies aren’t able to produce “surfactant,” which lubricates the air sacs in the lungs so they don’t stick together. Treatments like Curosurf replicate the natural stuff, helping tiny lungs get the hang of breathing and reducing the time babies spend in their temporary NICU homes.

Patients undergoing chemotherapy often become anemic. One of the treatments for this is called Aranesp. Unlike its competitors, which have to be dosed (injected) once a week, Aranesp is dosed every 3 weeks. For cancer patients, that means more time away from clinics/needles, and more time living life. And that’s something to celebrate.

This one’s sort of about science! It’s about fake diamonds, made in a lab. And that can make life more convenient for a certain sort of lady.

Multiple sclerosis is a disease measured by “flares,” or a period when symptoms get worse (flare up). Each time there’s a flare, the disease has progressed–irreversibly. Many doctors are wary of early, or induction therapy, which is considered “aggressive” and can have side effects that are worse than the actual flares. But this ad, seeding the market for a new induction therapy, flames the debate about when to treat MS to get doctors thinking about the risks of waiting.